Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Quilt to start a New Year

I found this appliqué BOM on Fatcatpatterns and fell in love with it immediately. I just knew I HAD to make this and as promised by Sindy Rodenmayer, the designer, the first block appeared right on New Year ’s Day. I’ve already ordered my background fabric, printed my pattern and can’t wait for the shops to open on Monday so I can start.
Then towards the end of last year (sounds so long ago) I subscribed to the e-magazine “The Quilt Pattern Magazine” and the first issue came out today. What would be one of the first projects for me to notice? Yip, another appliqué BOM. Now for the big decision……….. to make or not to make???


  1. Are you doing the dark background? I saved the pattern also.I have all the colors but I have a dark Navy background not sure I can visualze the navy in my house. Good luck with yours. Chris

  2. Chris I am going to try something totally different (to me) for the background and use a printed fabric. Seen this on the Glorious Applique blog and it looks good. So I guess I then will have to keep my applique as plain as possible. Adding your blog to my Reader right now and will follow your progress. You might just turn out to be my motivation to finish!!