Monday, January 31, 2011

Memory quilt by DIL

When I started quilting my DIL – then still girlfriend of my son – made it very clear that she never wanted a quilt – way too busy for her and I accepted her taste and left it there. As time went by she’d suggest fabrics and/or colors when I started a quilt and not much later, should I ask her to ‘hand me the tape…’, she’d remark with “yes, but then this is my quilt as I helped”.

Needles to say, she got a log cabin cat quilt for Christmas soon afterwards. Two weeks ago, she waltzed in here, saying that I have to help her make a ‘quick-quick’ memory quilt for her grandmother turning 80 at the beginning of February. Don’t you just love how non-quilters can imagine ‘quick-quick’ quilts?

Okay the cheater block was the fastest less stressful (on both of us) method I could think of and once she had the photos of all grandma’s grandchildren copied onto fabric, she took over my quilting space a couple of evenings. So much enthusiasm I haven’t seen in a while and I think the fact that grandma so badly wanted to teach her sewing when she wasn't interested, added to the satisfaction of finishing the quilt herself ‘to show grandma’.

Even though I realize babies might soon interrupt the process I now know the quilting bug has bitten her.

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