Sunday, March 18, 2018

New credit card needed

O dear, o dear, o dear.  Some ridiculous quilter somewhere towards the end of last year posted on her blog that she kept track of her expenses during 2017.  She posted the amount, so obviously in US dollar and it didn’t sound too bad to me (or maybe it didn’t make any sense).  The bad part for me was, me deciding to do the same.  For one, I’ve never dug into garbage bins this much ever….. I’d go shopping, forget about keeping track and then a day later, remember and go dustbin hunting to find the slip.  Filthy I guarantee you!

Anyway, my credit card is due for renewal very soon and it turns out the magnet is not truly fully functional anymore, so more than once my dear card had to be swiped and wiped several times before it registers but ha-ha, no problem with this when internet shopping or that is what I thought until I took a quick peak at my expenses for 2½ months.  A flippin total of R14 463.45  (roughly $1 207).  I think I am having an asthma attack….. and no I don’t suffer from asthma!  But heck, look at my last purchase, can’t wait for these to arrive.

And then being new to long arm quilting, I need all the books I can lay my hands on now, don’t I?

The excuses will never stop.

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