Sunday, January 28, 2018

On Ringo Lake, a Bonny Hunter mystery – 6

Some two weeks ago lightning struck somewhere between us and the neighbours and damaged our networks.  That would be networks for the TV’s and our internet.  We are still waiting for the damage report on the TV’s but my computer is fixed.

Not much time to brew over this as hubby had his birthday, so I had to cook and bake. Apple pie, caramel squares, savory tart, savory snacks and tuna puffs for the office staff the morning.  Then the kids came over for dinner the evening and the next day we had snacks with friends.

After we returned to work on Thursday, 11 January, the first time I got back to my sewing room, was on the Saturday and with my machine being pampered I could move on to the next clue. 

Clue 6 was not as traumatic as the previous 5 and for the first time a clue felt manageable.  Hopefully it will get easier from here on.

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