Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A brave quilting friend

I got my long arm in November last year and am quite convinced I struggled more than other people even though everyone warned about the learning curve involved.  I fooled around on a couple of practice pieces but doing an all over pattern just didn’t seem like enough of a challenge to me.  I wanted to find out what I was capable of having to think about a motif for every block and get an appealing end result as well.

Quilting friend, Karin, was brave (or maybe dumb) enough to offer me one of her quilt tops to practise on and even though riddled with mistakes I loved the opportunity to play around, wondering with each step whether it would turn out okay.

I still have to improve a lot before I can call myself successful or even just good at long arm quilting but I think with enough practice I might just get there.  This is Karin’s quilted top.

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