Monday, January 01, 2018

My first project for this year

A non-quilting co-worker wants to make an Owl quilt for her grandson and found a picture (not a pattern) of owls in a tree on the internet.  She however is not sure whether her machine is still in working order and obviously has no clue what making a quilt entails. I think she sees my quilts and then just think “o well it is a matter of putting fabric on a background and all will be well”.  Furthermore she intends to do the entire tedious applique by hand.  Now, knowing a little better, but not wanting to burst her bubble I couldn’t help wondering if this quilt would be finished by the time the little one (almost 2 now) turns 17.  She works full time, has to go home, cook, clean and sometimes I think she is the main caregiver to this little boy even though mom still lives with them too.

While out shopping for other stuff I walked by a window with owls pre-printed on fabric and although  I don’t like to quilt for other people (unless family or very close friends) I thought “what the heck, this should go quickly” and it truly did.  I bought another piece of fabric, also with owls on it for the sashing and started cutting yesterday morning.  Before we went for our New Years’ celebrations at 7 pm I had the binding stitched on and could therefore just finish the back of the binding by hand today.

A nice way to start a New Year and hopefully a sign of many quilts to be completed.

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