Sunday, October 01, 2017

Packing Space

On one of hubby’s frequent business trips, going through a quaint little town, known for selling antiques, he noticed something on the pavement in front of a pawn shop.  Aware of my quilt addiction and my need for plenty of storage space but not necessarily deep drawers, rather flatter but MORE space in one cupboard/storage area he stopped and made a purchase.

Previously this little green plastic rack used to be my paper sorter/container…. Fugly to say the least and now I could replace it with this wooden one. I turned the wooden one to face my computer, so people entering the room would not be able to see the mess inside but just see a wooden frame.  So much neater!
The second purchase was this divine little cupboard with flatter but more (30 in total) storage spaces.  It was just what I needed for all my accessories and tools.  I have heaps of these scattered in several drawers or spaces inside cupboards and always wished for one central area to store all of these. Hubby just added the little doors for me.  Neat or what?  I can hardly wait to start packing and sorting.

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