Thursday, October 26, 2017

I got myself a new toy

Many moons ago I made a rather expensive purchase and bought myself a Metalnova Vapor 2800 iron and because of this little tool I am one of a few people, I know, that doesn’t dislike ironing.  I’ve used my iron to its maximum capacity for all and everything, having it for quilting is simply an added (and wonderful) bonus.

So realising that I am not getting any younger, would soon be dependent on a mere pension I took another leap and bought myself a spare one and I got it this week, brand new, still in the box but to me this feels like an amazing investment made for my old age.  I don’t feel pretty, I feel rich or rather secure, knowing I will have stress free ironing days until I die.  Now watch Crimplene fabric make a come-back as I grow old, just to spite me! This is my new boxed iron.

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