Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Magnolia Mystery – 2

I am not getting much done on the quilting front…. Reached a slump I guess but I am still sorting out my new storage space and have opened up and got rid of temporary plastic storage drawers.  I’ve tried a technique when I overheard 2 embroiderers discussing their way of doing free motion quilting (actually they embroider motifs on a quilt) but it failed miserably when trying this on a domestic sewing machine.  So 4 solid days of unpicking was part cause of my quilt time wasted.

Let me move on to better news.  The second sewing clue for this mystery quilt arrived on time, in fact, earlier than I expected.  Being South African my clues seem to arrive long after the rest of the world receives theirs.

So this was what my sewing table looked like one Friday afternoon after work.
And once sewn together I had only these two stacks.  Now I have to wait yet another month for the next clue.

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