Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Birthday fabric One Block Wonder – 4

Before going to bed on Sunday eve, I had my top assembled thus achieving my goal for the weekend. And if you are looking for the mistake I mentioned in my previous post….. I fixed it (irrespective of what I may look like from behind, my conscience is still bigger than my butt)!
Monday was a little rougher in that after work, I had to clean the birds’ room (another one of hubby’s chores that I had to take over, this week) and run some errands for the office before I could even think of quilting but I still managed to add two borders to my quilt top.
Tuesday I had to wash carpets.  Having 3 huge dogs, each having a couple of favourite spots on which to chew their juiciest bone, our carpets never stay clean for long.  I however noticed we tend to make a cleaning job a much bigger issue than it really is.  Got home, spot sprayed two rooms and let the cleaning agent sit.  Went to my sewing room, started doing either cutting, pinning, single seam stitching or whatever was next on the agenda and then returned to room 1 to wash the carpet, break to quilt, spray room 3 and this went on and before long I not only had a house with clean carpets but the third and final border sewn onto my quilt.

Wednesday off to my favourite Pfaff dealer to get backing and backing and then I sat behind my Pfaff Grand Quilter to practise my overall free-motion pattern…… wait for it….. with metallic thread.  Lots of prayers need to be sent my way, please.

Then it was time to go outside to my newly discovered (but actually old) quilt basting table and before any cat could become annoying on this blanket mom put outside, I had the basting done.

Now I am disappearing from the blogging world for a while as I have to focus on SLOW and painfully patient quilting hoping to become good friends with the metallic thread…. Otherwise I’ll just quilt the thing in yellow thread and pretend it is gold. Oh and I am trying out my new ruler foot without the hopping motion.  I just figured I paid a fortune for it, if I can only use one foot instead of changing all the time, I might as well do it, so wish me luck.

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