Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Harsh wake-up call

I just returned from a wonderful boat trip to a Portugese island and after unpacking late yesterday evening, I thought I had all under control.  This morning my cleaners came in and I thought once they leave me with a sparkling clean house I would do the laundry, cook the family a nice meal before teaching a class again this evening.

Luckily I decided to bring my diary outside where I normally sit to wait for the cleaners to finish – not quite dressed for any occasion but decent enough to be outside – and when I turned the diary page to today’s date I got a huge shock realizing that I have a class this morning at 9am!!!!  My cleaners finish at 08:30 and there was just no way that I would finish in time.  Bad, bad way to start a week after such a lovely vacation but I then literally had to hurry the cleaners to finish my bedroom so that I can hop into a shower and get myself sorted for this morning’s class.

Went with a bunch of the most amazing ladies and had so much fun and came home with plenty of fun memories.  Here we were still on our way and posed for this photo at one of the many stops we made.

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