Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colorful cube classes

I am treating myself to a relaxing boat trip at the end of next week but we all know work comes before play so this week I did two classes on colorful cubes and what fun it was.  I had the nicest groups of ladies in both classes and I can hardly wait to see the end results as every new combination of colors seems to be prettier than the first.
For some the class seemed too intense and they felt it should have been a 2 day course or at least calls for an all-night quilt session (I am more than willing to do this, ladies!!) but others felt they heard just enough to allow them to finish at home.  Hard to please everyone but I do try.
And then there was the occasional hick-up with a strip being sewn the wrong way around leading to a gaping hole when joined or getting confused with the values and having cubes not quite looking like cubes. Getting used to the triangle ruler also caused a couple of giggles but this too is knowledge gained that no-one can take away from you.  Any mistake is a valuable lesson learnt.  

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