Sunday, February 13, 2011

When show time is over

After completing a quilt I will neatly fold it and put it away until our next quarterly guild meeting for Show and Tell.

However the moment the meeting is done, these go to the linen closet and become useful articles.  With us having had our meeting yesterday and me changing linen on Sundays, my two latest quilts were put to good use and both were Bargello’s.

Our bedrooms are rather neutral so every time I put a different color quilt on the bed it would change the color scheme of the room and I rather like that.  Never a dull week in any of our bedrooms!!

The red, blue and yellow quilt was from a course I did through Quilt University and on friend Karin’s suggestion I made the strips wider and not the suggested 1½” as the instructions said.  The wider strips worked much easier.  This quilt is a standard double bed size and landed on my daughter’s bed.

The scrappy Bargello on our bed was designed by one of our local guild members and teacher, Iessie Steenberg, and it was heaps of fun to make as you simply took another fat quarter once you ran out of fabric from the previous one – just try and stick to your original color selection.

Isn't it great to have a hobby that can be put to good practical use afterwards?

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  1. The quilts do show a lovely color combination. I really like the one on the round bed. Chris