Friday, February 04, 2011

Getting serious

Karin consentrating

I’ve packed away ALL my projects as I seriously have to focus on my entry for a challenge quilt to be entered into our National Quilt Festival in July.  The quilt needs to be received by the organizers by 1 May and something tells me I’ve waited a little too long.  So friend Karin and I burnt a little midnight oil and while she worked on her Roll-Roll-Cotton-Boll mystery quilt, I cut, placed, ironed, folded, glued and sewn what seemed like millions of tiny appliqué shapes.  Karin too has to finish her challenge but she’s waiting for the cricket world cup to start and then plans to move her sewing to the TV and get this little obstacle fixed quick-quick.

But you know the saying about ‘all work and no play………’ so we made very sure to balance life with a little party in between.

The poor men who are stuck with us merrily go along with all.  Karin’s husband is the slightly bald one with the striped blue shirt…… ha-ha!!!

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