Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two more beginner quilts done

O dear, o dear, I’ve almost abandoned my own little blog and I used to love this dearly.  Our guild has asked me to write a blog for them and as you can guess ‘too much of a good thing, is never really good’.  However should anyone be interested in what I babble on about there, go visit our blog at and see what we do on this side of the world.

Back to this post.  I start beginner courses in February and August every year and last week two of the August beginners brought their completed quilts to show.  I still stay amazed how the same pattern can look so differently when using different fabric.

These ladies are Natasha van Zijl (the wild one) and Wilna Geel (the lady).  Yes obviously they read my blog but we’ve became such good friends in this short time that I feel I can say whatever I want about them.  

Well done ladies, now we await our next meeting and see if Natasha brings the promised box wine (and a bar of soap for old Stinky).

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