Thursday, March 17, 2011

My day off

Mid-afternoon but dark outside due to the lovely rain we’re having and I have the day off.  Yip, no quilt classes, with my dinners done ahead until tonight, my laundry kept up to date so that I have about 3 items to iron later,  I have this lovely rainy day to myself.

For a moment early morning I toyed with the idea of staying in bed reading my book, ‘Dark Continent My Black Arse’ (author Sihle Khumalo) but I had more important matters needed to be done.  I purchased a challenge pack to enter a quilt in our National Quilt Festival held in Stellenbosch from 1 to 7 July this year and my entry must be in the possession of the Quilt Registrar by 1 May.

Just when I started typing we suddenly had heavy thunder with lightning and I had to switch off my computer.  According to the local radio station we have several streets flooded, trees toppled and a couple of accidents on our roads – so glad I decided to stay indoors today.

So I’m taking today to work on my challenge but apart from waiting too long before starting – struggled with finding something to go with the theme “Showtime” and the piece of fabric one has to use in your quilt – I seem to add onto the already designed quilt as I go along.

However….. I think I’m done with the top now.  Any more will ruin it and now the actual quilting still lies ahead but at least I am this far.

I don’t want to show my top yet but here is a sneak preview of the back (or then a part of it.)

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