Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oranje Quilters Guild August 2010 quarterly meeting

I was so fortunate to be invited to speak at our local guild meeting and with such clever ladies around me I knew that I could teach them very little so I used this opportunity to share with them other people’s talents and their incredible creations via the internet.

First up was obviously free-motion quilting, being the nicest part of the quilting experience to me. After discovering the videos on Daystyledesigns there was no stopping me and watching Leah and listening to her calm voice, making everything sound just so easy, my confidence grew. So this was just something I couldn’t keep to myself and needless to say the other ladies were equally impressed by this site and I am sure Leah’s visitor count has already grown in number. Thanks Leah for all the trouble you go through to help all of us right on the other side of the world.

Then after making Scrappy Dee Scrappy Doo I found the books from Alicia’s Attic and just loved all the possibilities one can get when using triangles as a start-off point. I completed 2 quilts from my first book purchase and could then share their website, tools and books with the rest of our guild with the promise of many more quilts from these books to come. After initially only buying 2 books, I have ordered their brand new publication ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks…. and more and cannot wait for them to send it with the release end August. I will then be the proud owner of no less than 5 of their publications. Will I live long enough to make all the nice things I see??

Tiny Hex from the book
Doubledepity, more serendipity quilts
Tiny Sparkle from the same book

The ladies thanked me (sorry Leah, Marci and the staff at Alicia’s Attic not sharing this with you) with a lovely bottle of wine in the neatest wine bottle cover I’ve ever seen – even with my name personalized on it. How important I feel!!!!
WOW!! How lucky can one get??

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