Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sorting my space

I’m expecting plenty of new fabric but more about that later. In the mean time I’ve decided I needed to organize my sewing space as I never seem to have enough storage (nothing new for any quilter I suppose) but I have this memory problem……………….. if a certain ruler was in a certain drawer for x amount of time, I dare not move it or I will never find it again – not even if I moved it to the ruler rack. I will simply expect to find it where it has been from the start and boy if you want to see a tantrum, watch me open that drawer, NOT to find my ruler. Obviously the kids……… who else could it be? The main reason for this blog entry therefore is to allow me to get back to it and read where I put what!! Maybe it might also serve as an inspiration to someone out there? So this started out as my fat quarter drawers arranged by colour.

However when looking for a couple of fat quarters earlier I saw that I have lots of other sizes in these drawers and got really frustrated when I would just find the perfect colour and then realize it was not big enough. So while DH watched rugby on TV I repacked these – fat quarters or slightly bigger ONLY!! Every single piece of fabric was unfolded to check for size then neatly pressed, folded and packed back into the drawer.

Why o why would one do this???

Celebrating drawer 1 (black and gray) – this can become a fun affair but o dear, how empty the drawer looks. Major shopping to do!!

Too much wasted space per drawer so I decided to share colours in a single drawer – creating space and obviously celebrating drawer 1 AGAIN. Headache…. here we come!

I found heaps of fat quarters with cuts like these – not staying in the drawers any longer.

Couldn’t finish so with a throbbing head I continued the next day and wha-la…. all done leaving me with no less than 8 empty drawers and in defence of my small amounts per colour in each drawer the pile in the background (excluding the black cat) are lengths from 1 yard or more. Need to find another space for these.

Those unfortunate ‘idols’ who didn’t make it to either of these groups found their way to yet another set of colour coded drawers for remnants/scraps. Looking at the drawer containing the blues these are one big mess but I dig through these daily and have no intention of reorganizing them.

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  1. That looks like you spent a lot of time sorting and it looks great!! Now you can find what you are looking for.