Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scrappy Dee Scrappy Doo

Easter weekend……….. the big kids off to the coast and the little one staying at their place to take care of the cats.  DH and I were left all by our lonesome selves and at our age honeymoon only stays fun for a short while and then I got itchy fingers, wondering “what if I build log cabins around a triangle”? So the big digging into my drawers of scraps started and not thinking I would actually accomplish anything I did very little measuring but 8 identical log cabin triangles became only 6 when I realized these 6 combined, not only makes a hexagon but also gives a Kaleidoscope effect. So I continued, making 6 more using different scraps and by the time the youngster came home, she loved the very bright and weird colours and immediately claimed the still unfinished quilt as hers.  She too chose the name for the quilt.

My quilt teacher used to say nothing you think you invented or discovered is really new for somewhere out there someone else have already done or thought about it and alas when I Googled log cabin triangles I found Sara Nephew & Marci Baker already not only made an in depth study of these but wrote several books on these quilts. I immediately ordered the books from Alicia’s Attic – so much nicer if someone else already did the math and I can just produce the end result.

To cover the blank spaces on the quilt, I used not only the pattern of but also the techniques from one of Beth Ferrier’s BOM quilts. I finished the freemotion quilting just in time to be able to sit and do the binding by hand with the French Open tennis on TV……….. yip, tennis (watching, not playing) is my other big addiction.

Completed: 24 May 2010

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  1. I love your scrappy dee scrappy doo. What a wonderful way to use up some of your [left over fabric from other projects]. Not scraps!! The flowers made your quilt. Call it your own Scrappy Dee, Scrappy Doo. Am also watching the French Open, which is my other passion in life. Have a Super Weekend.