Friday, April 16, 2010

Quilting a sponge

Hubby bought me a lovely A1-sized light table and even though it arrived here with the glass top broken…. fragile doesn’t mean much in Africa – I was still very excited but the excitement soon subsided when I realized I had no space big enough for it in my sewing room. Sad, very sad to have to move my latest toy to the garage. However wanting to protect it from the rest of the family passing it when entering the house from the garage and using it as an open table to ‘dump’ whatever they’re too lazy to bring inside, I bought a sheet of ¼ inch thick sponge to cover it. The sponge however looked awful to say the least and I decided to experiment and made a sponge whole-cloth! Sponge has a will of its own and when it pressed against the wall behind my sewing machine I had to really battle to keep it moving forward and once released to stitch in another direction, it would move as if paid to do so but alas not impossible. I even think it shows off a pattern so much nicer. Now even if I don’t have my light table close to me most of the day, I know it is neatly protected.

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