Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Bloemfontein annual show

On Friday, I treated myself to a whole day at our annual show where most any- & everything is sold, displayed or advertised. The main reason for going every year is obviously to take a look at all the quilts entered and exhibited and it is a pity that I had to take the photos through glass for it surely does take away some of the appeal these beautiful quilts have. Must admit I found the show in general much better this year with them having moved all the “made in China” items to one corner allowing one to omit these totally and spend more time at the really interesting stuff. Got excited about a cool juice extractor which I could afford but whether I actually will extract juice for the sake of a healthy drink, I honestly don’t know. A rather affordable vibrating exercise machine too crossed my path but the chances of me extracting juice are somewhat bigger than me exercising, so a NO to that as well and finally the special show price of the PFAFF Grand Quilter made my head spin for awhile but then I already have one.

Friend Karin joined me later and when I wondered out loud where I would put yet another sewing machine, she kindly offered that I could put it in her house. Nice friend this one which obviously caused the giggle of the day when we went into the Bird Hall and she got rather upset because ‘they’ (not sure who they are) stuck press-stick to the poor chickens ears. Psst Karin…… I think they are born that way………. but I enjoy you anyway.

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