Friday, April 16, 2010

The committee......?

My dear friend Currin (Karin)……….. I’m sure once I start telling ALL the stories about this little one, more people will understand why I am so totally exhausted after spending time with her. Okay, so the latest…. In South Africa every quilting guild hosts a quilt festival every 2 years and our guild must host the 2013 festival (I might not even be alive no more but try telling that to Currin!!). Main organizer sorted, she requested volunteers to help and trust busy, busy Currin to politely phone me to say – now listen to this brainwashing… - “let’s volunteer to be the Goodie Bag committee. If we volunteer now, we can at least do what we like and won’t be stuck with a job nobody wants.” (and anyone else WANTED to take on the huge responsibility of filling 1000 Goodie Bags with at least 15 or more interesting items without sponsors, I don’t think so….. BUT Currin does!!). So meet the Goodie Bag Committee, Currin and I.

Still early days but one of the ideas is to have Tutorial kits in these bags. A typed instruction page with whatever else (fabric, Vilene, paper, etc) needed to complete the craft project and the first sample I had to make was a fabric bowl. Never made one before but I thought it came out rather nicely. So anyone out there with with good (CHEAP) ideas, feel free to make suggestions.

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