Friday, December 08, 2017

Magnolia Mystery – 4

Having 2 sewing rooms is turning out to be somewhat complicating my rather organised life.  At 04:30 Thursday morning I still cut a practise quilt top to get another go on my Qnique 14 quilting machine, while watching You Tube videos and making notes like crazy and then after work, what would I find?  The new clue to this mystery!

Total confusion for this little brain of mine, should I finish what I started this morning or simply abandon project 1 and get going with the mystery?  I then decided to have a nice big glass of wine while contemplating my choices.

While enjoying my wine my daughter came over so none of my plans realised, maybe it was time for a break.

Today after work I worked a little on my notes (loading, advancing and rolling a quilt on the Qnique and the frame) as well as putting the blocks of this mystery together.
Quilting friend Karin would have loved these blocks as she likes big block quilts and these ended up being 21” x 21” each.

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