Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gift-making being contagious

Every year this time I read all the blogs I follow and very few does not show gifts made for family and friends (okay maybe just mine).  One little bag in particular has been catching my eye for quite some time now but being a quilter and not at all fond of zippers, I ignored the urge to make one for very long….. until now.  So I ordered my pattern for the Sew Together bag from Craftsy over HERE.

So off zipper shopping I went and started this little bag yesterday afternoon to finish it this morning.  So this year at least one person I know will be getting a handmade gift.  However after reading about all the negative/ungrateful responses received from quilters who gave quilts, I might just keep it all to myself.

Remember this little chicken grandchild that I babysat and talked about in THIS POST?
Well she’s over here again but this time a massive chicken and I said to my daughter we should have slaughtered her for Christmas, now the meat is just getting tough.  She did not find it funny and try as I might I cannot keep “Kiep” out of my house.  So I suppose I’ll be washing carpets once her parents fetch her this afternoon!

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