Saturday, December 23, 2017

A little of this and that

As said with it being our summer break, nothing major happened on the quilting front.

I had a two machine setup.  On the front machine I worked on clue 3 of the On Ringo Lake mystery by Bonnie Hunter and on the machine at the back I stitched bindings to place mats.  This kept me from not getting bored with doing the same thing constantly. Unfortunately my one machine ran into a problem and needs to be checked out.  Fortunately I have another.
Friend Karin came over to take a look at my frame and even with one hand in a cast; she gave the free motion stitching a go.  Even her hubby tried his hand at it and they were both good.
Even with 5-year-old granddaughter having moved in for the holidays, I finished HALF of clue 3 of the mystery on 23 December but then decided to pack everything up and tidy my room until after Christmas.  It is time to concentrate on some serious food making and eating.  Wishing all a Merry Christmas.

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