Friday, September 30, 2016

If all else fails

At the office things are dead quiet with us being fully booked for any new jobs until the end of the year.  So although DH and the workers run around like chicken without heads to get everything done in time, we ladies are bored stiff.  We cannot make more appointments for measurements or book jobs thus meaning very few invoices being made.  So we sit and sit and sit and even when the phone rings it turns out to be a short conversation with one of us informing the other party that we are unable to help.

So with my hand problem I got my co-workers going.  First lesson in English paper piecing and even though not done by myself, my Millefiore is getting along nicely and the best part is that they are actually enjoying the process.  Must admit the office is now even quieter as they concentrate so intensely on their sewing that no-one says a word!

How does the saying go:  “If you are not strong, you better be clever!”  Here Zelda and Belinda can be seen in action.

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