Monday, September 12, 2016

Clue 4

I feel so uncertain about this clue to the Hillbilly SpaceJourney mystery .  I honestly don’t know whether I’ve added the triangles to the correct hexagons.  I have so many, I couldn’t make up my mind but it is done and if not right, it will simply be a matter of unpicking and redoing.

I tried my hand at ostrich neck in a red wine and soup powder sauce and it turned out great but I’ve finally decided that a slow cooker (crock pot) and I will never really be friends.  Seriously with a pressure cooker I could have had this dish cooked and served in an hour and a half but in the slow cooker it took forever.  So my dear crock pot can really find another home, be it daughter or daughter-in-law, I don’t really mind.
I also had a first time visit from my 3 other grandchildren who found exploring our TV room rather exhausting.

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