Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More unpicking… ugh

Left the office early again as my weekly cleaning crew wanted to do the windows but were too scared of our dogs.  So I came home, kept myself with the dogs in one room with the door closed.  I guess not too a big price to pay for clean windows.  I couldn’t wait for the cleaners to leave so I could get quilting but again, spotted another mistake.  Block 4, row 4, (marked with tape on the photo) printed fabric in the wrong place, so more unpicking and fixing!

Finally the quilt top sewn together but I am not quite relaxed yet.  I have it up against the glass doors in the TV room for final inspection by DH tonight.  He has the amazing ability to spot a mistake on a quilt the moment he walks into a room.  I on the other hand stare at it for days on end without seeing my own mistakes.

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