Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Changing my dislikes to likes

I’m not too fond of left-over food, especially not the very next day after I have served it.  Maybe wait another day or two and then try the left-over thing again.

As I left the office yesterday DH said that we had enough left-overs and I shouldn’t cook.  Now he says this often and I often prefer to simply ignore him and do my thing at home.  However today, just as I entered the house my phone alarm clock went off, reminding me that Wimbledon starts today.  So a sudden change of mind, left-over food is not really all that bad.

Even took Meeko, the parrot, earlier for her afternoon nap and then it was just me, my quilting with the tennis on TV.  Now I don’t watch every single shot but still one can sense when tension builds up and then it is just a matter of a quick glance at the TV to decide whether to sew or to watch tennis.  Multi-tasking of sorts.

Started sewing my rows together but there must always be a spanner in the wheel as even though it feels like I’ve checked and re-checked every block placement, I still had to unpick with a block or two turned the wrong way.

My youngest came over to discuss wedding arrangements (getting married in Feb 2017) and hampered my plans of a quick quilt top finish but I guess these plans have to be made as well.

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  1. I have been known to freeze leftovers and use them later. I didn't get much done as far as sewing today either. Chris