Monday, April 18, 2011

Invitations to quarterly guild meeting

Our provincial guild  consists of roughly 17 smaller groups from all over our province and once every three months all of us get together for our quarterly guild meeting.  In between these, the smaller groups gather as many or few times as they wish at different locations.

Card back (closed)

The smaller groups are divided into pairs and the two selected groups should then work together to host a quarterly meeting.
  For the August 2011 meeting the Saturday group   I belong to is one of the host groups and it is then our job to rent the venue, decorate the hall, make the snacks, make gifts to hand at our the door, serve tea and clean up afterwards.  However before that we had to make invitation to give to all the group leaders of each group and this is where I was involved.

Card front (closed)

I saw this neat pattern for a greeting card but trying to be clever I wanted to make it with quilting fabric never thinking that it might not be as easy as it looked.  Luckily our local PFAFF dealer is part of this group too.  So teamwork it was, I gave the fabric and cut the patterns, she sewed all together and did the dreaded satin stitching and then back to me to do the iron-on printing on the inside.
Card back (open)

Card inside
Eliminating all the swear words that went into this process I think it came out really good and seeing that all the
 group leaders received their invitations on Monday, 18 April, I think it is save to post these pictures to my blog.

I’ve been working on so many ‘secret’ projects lately that I couldn’t really do any blog posts until the due dates of these projects.  Apart from about 3 more such secretive projects (that I can recall now) I think I’m done and should be able to get back to regular blog postings.

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