Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rearranging my sewing room

Ever since my son left home and I took over his room as my sewing room, I thought I had the perfect set-up but as time went on, I found that not all works as I would like it, so the little head started spinning. I do believe that is the one time hubby fears me the most……… when I get it into my mind to start changing things. As they say, when a couple gets married, they become ONE and needless to say, when I say “the room would look nicer if ONE painted the wall” or “I will have more space if ONE moves the table to the other side”, it ought to be obvious that I am referring to hubby. As we are ONE, I get the idea and he has to do the work.

I made uniform dust covers for all 5 of my sewing machines and even covered the chairs with a double set of covers. If the top one gets dirty I can take it off and underneath there would still be a cover. Now just to get rid of this cold and I can start being productive.

1 comment:

  1. I love your sewing room. What kind of machines make up the 5! Unless the picture is deceiving, it looks like you have a class room. I would like to see a picture of it when you have a project on the go!!