Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hexagon Stars

Finished the last couple of binding stitches this morning in bed.  This quilt is from the book "Magic Stack 'n Whack Quilts" by Bethany S. Reynolds and I was so fortunate to have the author as teacher via the internet.  This quilt was done in a record time as I cut the first fabric on the 18th of September, so less than a month until completion and I love the colors!!

Furthermore a new "quilt helper" has moved in on Thursday, 9 October in the form of another ginger male cat, now called Sushi, still very skinny but already quite at home in the Pringle zoo.

Kentucky, the baby cockatile is growing up fast and have a couple of feathers already.  Still just eating and sleeping most of his days.

Hexagon Starts completed:  11 October 2009

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