Sunday, April 08, 2007

Simple Secret

On 21 March 2007 we celebrated National Quilt Day and the quilting group in Aliwal North invited our group to join them for the day. Teacher, Iessie Steenberg, designed a 27 inch mystery quilt for us to work on. True to tradition the Aliwal group left no stone unturned to organize this day to perfection and we eagerly started working on our quilts at 9am. When lunch was served around 1pm most of us were finished with the quilt top and could start the actual quilting.

With me however, size does matter and I decided that I wanted my quilt much bigger and returned home to Bloemfontein where I simply kept the basic centre design and just added more borders until I was satisfied.

I didn't have enough fabric for such a big quilt but my main fabric allowed me to improvise and play around with different colours and I am quite satisfied with my end result.

Completed: 18 May 2007