Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Making my own Medallion

This must be one of the nicest quilts I've ever worked on. Maybe because it was different from the usual sqaure blocks and because teacher/designer, Iessie, allowed us to continue where she ended the pattern and make the quilt as big as we would like it to be, by adding more triangles. Just realized something..... I actually had to do math with this one AND to top it all, this is my very first quilt with 4 equal sides. I can easily make a quilt with not one side even being remotely the same size as the next.

Must admit that I had the help of Marie, our friendly Pfaff store owner, with the stitching of the applique flowers with the horrible metallic thread as this almost prevented me from finishing the quilt. Thanks Marie............ (she did it for FREE!!)

Completed: 27 March 2007

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