Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stack & Wack

This idea was shared with us at a quarterly guild meeting by a lady called, Martie Lyle. When my son, at the wise age of 26, decided to move out of the house, he got the help of an interior decorator to set up his new townhouse and Japie, the decorator, decided to keep all lines simple with the whole background set in black, brushed steel and putty with only 1 single color per room to set the scheme. So with orange scatter cushions in the lounge, a lime green chair in the study, red towels in the bathroom it was decided that the bedroom should be a deep bright blue. We however couldn't find any ready-made blue bedding without dolphins on it and 26 was just a little too old for dolphins.

Then one of my quilting group members, Frances v Schalkwyk, made this Stack & Wack quilt in shades of orange and there and then I decided that I'll make a blue one for Roelf. Wonderful fast and fun quilt to make and surely something most men would like.

Completed: 9 October 2006

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