Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ABC quilt

Trust me not to read what a quilt is all about before jumping in; buying and cutting fabrics like crazy. So what was there to read about? ABC kiddies quilt, should be in bright colors shouldn't it? Only after the second block I realized that this was a quilt for quilters - trying to teach us the names of different blocks!! Too late ......bright yellow it will stay.

Although designer/teacher Iessie Steenberg, meant well, I have to admit that I only remember the names of the first 4 blocks. Worked a full year on this as it was a BOM project but it was finished on the day that our teacher became grandmother for the first time. So now, seeing her grandson, Joshua, grow up, I will always be reminded of how old my ABC quilt is.

Completed: 2 October 2006

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