Thursday, August 24, 2017

Snowflake splendour OBW quilt based on a panel – 2

Once I had the top and bottom section of the panel measured through the width, I had to cut my panel back to fit, trimmed the top and bottom straight and added these to the panel and finally the side panels/strips could be added.
I don’t really care for wall hangings or table runners but prefer my quilts to fit on a bed, any bed, be it a cot or King Size extra length bed.  Therefor most of my quilts need borders and here I’ve completed the top with the borders. Again due to the lack of distance I get when taking a photo on the design wall, this had to be taken at an angle.
I then decided to add some applique just for the fun of it.
Finally the quilt top was done and now to start quilting.

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