Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Clue 13

I feel great about my attempt to shed some weight as I’ve lost 2,6 kg’s after 5 weeks.  To most it may not seem like much and I recently spoke to a lady who lost 12 kg’s in her first month but I didn’t have that much to lose to begin with.  If I would lose 12 kg’s there would be nothing left.  My goal was to drop 5 kg’s before my daughter’s wedding in February and I am already more than halfway there.

 I am also quite convinced that the scale is not a true reflection of what really happens to my body as I feel so much more comfortable in most of my clothing.  Back to quilting and the Hillbilly Space Journey mystery.

In this clue we had to expand our super nova’s by adding the shooting stars from clue 9 to it.  This mystery really keeps me excited as all these tiny bits and pieces are now being joined and starting to form something bigger.

I however still cannot predict the end result.

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