Monday, May 02, 2016

Motorcycle quilt for my youngsters

My baby moved in with her fiancé and not even properly used to that, they adopted two Pitbull terriers.  I would not dare mention the word we use to refer to these two but heck destructive and wild like you cannot imagine… but then that’s our opinion.  In the kids’ eyes they are the cutest, most adorable puppies ever.  As they say, to each his own.

Anyway, dearest HUGE puppies get to stay indoors and sleeps on the bed and future son in law was not too impressed by the dirt showing off on the bedding.  So with both being motorcycle enthusiasts I decided to make them a dark (dog dirt proof) quilt for their new King Sized extra length bed (to have enough space for the dogs obviously).

For the centre panel I tried my hand at thread sketching and loved every minute of it.  Learnt a couple of valuable lessons along the way but decided even though I have puckering I am keeping it as is.

Then I simply appliquéd several motorcycle shapes in different coloured blocks and had a complete motorcycle quilt.  Now don’t stare too long at the two motorcycles facing the wrong way.   If a quilt is done, I am not unpicking a single thing.

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  1. Gorgeous Pups! My daughter also have extremely 'well-behaved' 4 legged babies and I understand exactly. The quilt is stunning!!!