Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Giving advice - Part 2

I don't guarantee that the order in which I am showing the next photos is necessarily the order in which it was finished but whenever the student returned to show me her progress I was simply stunned by the detail and effort put into every section especially as the quilt became bigger and not as easy to maneuver to do all the detailed hand embroidery.

This photo - again with all the black embroidered - shows her fondness of playing chess.

A visit to France with the Eiffel towel - all the outer lines hand embroidered.

Her early childhood years and I really liked how she placed all these photos in puzzle pieces.  The poem to the right was also hand embroidered.

This is a replica of a painting she did as shown in the photo bottom right, this time done in fabric.

A favorite movie

I guess a favorite shop - maybe at a holiday destination?

And finally the big picture after I've done the quilting and binding.

However this is not the end.  This student still plans more embellishments such as buttons and beads but my job is done!!

To celebrate a weekend off with nothing to stress about DH took me to a nearby wild cat farm for lunch on Sunday and although all the big cats preferred a spot in the sun on a rather cold day, we did see a couple of them.

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