Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring Bargello - the Process

With the piecing and appliqué done it was time to start the sandwiching and quilting process. I am fortunate to have several of these metal (army) tables in the room I use for teaching, so moving 4 together gives me the ideal space to stretch and pin my quilt layers. Lately a local (South African) designer of 100% cotton fabric has brought out really nice designs at a fraction of the cost of imported cottons and I love using these Da Gama fabrics for backing and the fact that these are 1.50 meters wide makes it even nicer.

Step 1: Stretch the backing fabric nice and tight. I used bulldog clips at the sides and masking tape at the top and bottom.

Step 2: Batting rolled out onto the backing and the quilt top neatly straightened on top of the batting

Step 3: Starting from the centre pin securely through all 3 layers
Batting not wide enough for the sides? Time to fetch the drawer of remnant batting and I might be breaking all the rules here but I simply don’t bother joining my batting. I feel that I quilt intensively enough in order for my batting not to move anywhere so I simply add a piece where needed, spray baste it in place and continue adding remnant pieces until I have enough batting.

Meeko, our parrot, doing the final inspection to see if I didn’t leave any visible gaps in the batting.

Step 4: Quilting

I then tried something different. I found a motif I liked, enlarged and printed this, traced it on Stitch a Tear and spaced these on my quilt top to stitch through it and removed the paper afterwards. Unfortunately the Bargello pattern/fabric steals all the attention and the quilt motif can be seen much better on the back side of the quilt.

I simply echoed the borders and the quilt fits snugly on a double bed.

Completed: 27 September 2010

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I feel rich

Spring has arrived in South Africa and along with it the will do start new projects and do fun things. Not in my wildest dreams could I image this would include a new dog. Okay rather an old (4 years) dog in a new home – ours!! Sad story about screwed up humans who threaten to divorce unless the dog goes. So without much choice by Coco she was adopted by us and I plan to make her stay as pleasant as possible.
In my post on Sorting my space I mentioned new fabric and it arrived yesterday. This was actually such a fun but daring purchase. A quilt shop owner from a nearby city closed shop and sold her fabric for almost half price provided you buy for a certain amount. So I borrowed money from DH. This guy is sometimes too good to be true. I mean really…. I don’t work and other than the money he gives me and a little extra from teaching, I don’t have an income but still…. he lent me money. The catch in this purchase was that I could not choose my fabric as it was already moved to a warehouse and when purchasing they start from one side, count down your 135 meters (or fat quarter equivalent) and pack your box.

So this turned out to be my surprise lucky dip and I loved it! Wouldn’t you?

I already pre-washed 7 one yard pieces for my next project.