Sunday, January 13, 2008

Around the Block

Almost feels good to be able to say that I completed my first quilt for this year on 6 January BUT closer to the truth would be that I've been working on this quilt for almost 2 years!!
Found the pattern at HGTV on the internet and along with 2 quilt friends decided to work on this as a BOM.I think the biggest mistake we made was to not set a definate date for every monthly gathering and it just didn't work. I would phone Corrie and set a date between the 2 of us and when I would phone Elsie afterwards, this date did not suit her. So apart from 1 gathering with the 3 of us, it just did not happen.Elsie decided to opt out first and between Corrie and myself we managed another 3 get-togethers and then I was on my own, not knowing whether I should continue or wait until their schedules were less hectic.
Somewhere along the line I finished the blocks but then had these up against the wall for almost a year until it felt as if the blocks were losing their charm.Making December 2007 my month for UFO's I tackled these blocks and the moment I added the sashing even my daughter said that this one turned out rather nice. Tried my hand at feathers with the quilting on the sashing but would not regard myself a pro at this yet!
Completed: 6 January 2008

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