Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Pink and grey baby quilt

Today is Youth Day, a public holiday in South Africa and hubby and I decided that we’re not ‘youth’ anymore, we don’t have any responsibilities and would simply be lazy, stay in bed longer and we did just that.  Had breakfast and got back into bed but I find it rather hard to fall asleep again once awake, so fun was only fun for a while before I got up.

Luckily, I had a small baby quilt to keep me busy but this went faster than I thought and then I was done for the day.  Received another quilt but the backing is too small so I am waiting for a replacement.

The rest of my day was spent watching YouTube videos and doodling some designs out on paper.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Quilt with diagonal lines

Feeling much better I loaded this on the frame.  This quilter loves custom quilting and doesn’t care about it being too dense.  Sadly, in assembling this, the fabric on the diagonals (bias) stretched and when I had it on the frame, I saw major ruffling.  These would lead to folds and pleats when quilted.

I then suggested an all-over pattern.  This way I could shuffle the fabric under the needle to equally disperse the ruffles. This is one reason I am glad I don’t do computerised quilting; I can always try something different if what I had in mind wouldn’t work.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Sewing Sayings

Yet another awful week behind me!  I developed an utterly annoying cough… non-stop with phlegm build-up, I found it hard to breathe.  Anyway, after trying every possible over the counter medication and home-brewed recipes I decided to ask my doctor for antibiotics but along with it came his strict warning to stay in bed.  That was the bad part as apart from the cough, partially losing my voice, I didn’t feel sick enough to stay in bed.  Luckily (maybe sadly) I developed somewhat of a fewer and that (along with some medication) made me want to sleep most of the time.

Fortunately, before I phoned the doctor, I managed to finish a small "sewing saying" panel.  Today I got up, feeling much better but somehow, I feel this virus or whatever brewed inside me is still not ready to subside.  I’ll be finishing my medication tomorrow but I think I should keep taking immune boosters of some sort.

Sunday, June 06, 2021

What a week

The beginning of this week was not at all what I envisioned.  With Roland Garos having started (I am a tennis-watching addict) I dug up an age-old handwork UFO, hubby playing golf at Sun City and me not having to cook, I promised myself a week of doing as little as possible for as long as possible.

However, on Saturday I got the first of heaps of e-mails from our auditors, them, I suspect, wanting to finish off most of the sold business so we could each go on with our lives BUT I felt it was Saturday and chose to ignore them.  Big mistake as when I truly started reading the mails on Monday, I realised they wanted LOTS of information and with having moved from the office to the house, everything needed to be dug out of boxes stored in the garage.

Then I received no less than 4 quilts on Monday and I was so frustrated because if I didn’t have all this stuff to do for the auditors, I could have easily quilted mornings and watched tennis while doing handwork in the afternoons.

Anyway, as with all good fortunately all bad comes to an end as well and I got all the info the auditors needed and life could return to fairly normal.

First up was a quilt from my only male quilter and he calls it easy blocks with old fabrics and he only requited soft curves from side to side.

Then a quilt by his sister and the name of this pattern is Renew me.  She wanted edge to edge all-over quilting and I decided on the Oakish leave motif.

A quick basting-only quilt.  The quilter will do the quilting on her domestic machine.

And finally, a stunning autumn coloured quilt.

All these quilts have been returned to their owners and I can start the new week on a clean slate.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Baby quilt with triangles

From a huge king size quilt last week to this tiny baby quilt this week.  The piecing of these triangles was done masterfully with not a seam out of place and every corner connecting perfectly.

I had to get some physiotherapy and acupuncture before starting this one and my hopes for immediate relief did not happen, so with a heat pack on my shoulders and having plasters on my back and shoulders, I got going with this.

Constant quilting sadly causes a stiff neck and shoulders and when I slept wrong one evening it all turned worse and I just had to get help. I’ve had acupuncture before and it gave almost instant relief, this time however there were 2 spots where the physiotherapist simply could not release the muscles and I might have to go for a follow-up.  For now, I am just grateful I finished this little quilt and will do the exercises given until it is time for the next quilt.